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Who is Jesus Christ?

The first Album I bought as a child was Bill Cosby.  In the Album Bill says that although his father was a brilliant man, he confused Bill.  His story was that from the age of 1 to 7 he thought his name was “Jesus Christ”.   He would walk into a room and trip over the carpet and his dad would say, “Jesus Christ, can’t you walk.” He would be sitting at the table and reach for some bread.  The water glass would be in the way so Bill would just knock it over.  His father would say, “Jesus Christ, clean the water up.”   This illustrates how loosely we  use the name of Jesus.    Compared  to the language many of us hear in the work place every day, this is very mild.  However, it begs the question, “Who is Jesus Christ?”  Why is his name so common? What do we mean by using it as a swear word? I hear interesting theories concerning this question.  Some say He was a great teacher, others say He was a prophet, and others that He was the Son of God.  Some do not know much about H