Bad Things Happen

John tells the story of walking one day and seeing a blind man. Everyone knew that this man had been born blind. The question came up as to why this person had been born blind. The assumption of John's day was that either the person with the problem or the parents of the person had done something bad. When asked why this had happened to the man, Jesus said it was not that the parents or the person born blind had done anything wrong. But, it was rather an opportunity for God's work to be displayed and then Jesus healed the man. God wants a relationship with beings that like Him can make their own choices. Because of this, He has allowed us to make our own choices even though He is all powerful and could have made us differently. We all make bad choices at times, and and when selfishness and hate take over someone's heart evil choices are made. As a result, there are evil and tragedies in our world. In these there is opportunity for God's work to be displayed. We see God's work in people reaching out to offer healing and help to those struck by tragedy. And, we see His work ultimately in the fact that He has reached out to us to offer healing and help to each of us through His Son.


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