He Carries Our Burdens

Are you facing a situation that is beyond hope? Perhaps it is a relationship that you know will never get any better. Perhaps it is a physical condition. Jesus is the only one who can take these burdens for us. When our strength and wisdom have no answers there is still a place to turn. The Bible tells us, “He took up our pain, and bore our suffering.” (Isaiah 53:4, NIV) John in his account of Jesus’ life tells of an incident where a friend of His died. A dead person would seem to be about as far beyond hope as it gets. In the case of this friend, Lazarus, Jesus chose to bring him back from the dead. There are not a lot of cases where Jesus chooses to do this, but He does promise to be with us. He does help us carry the load. He took up our pain, and bore our suffering. God gives us hope even when things seem beyond hope.


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